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Swoonys are a reader's choice award over on Goodreads. If you have a Goodreads account (and if you loved "Royal Date," which, let's be honest here, you loved more than Kat loves Battlestar Galactica, right? ;) ), you can go to this site:

Swoony Awards

and vote for my book. You may have to do a search or scroll looking for it. Right now I'm #21, I think.

You can also nominate me for a Whitney Award (this one's more labor intensive).

Whitney Awards

I don't think I've ever actually won a writing award. I've been nominated and finaled a few times, but never a win. I'm afraid I'll become Susan Lucci. (Daytime soap actress who was nominated for a Best Actress Daytime Emmy NINETEEN TIMES before she won. Can you even imagine how depressing it must have been every year to get dressed up and go to a ceremony feeling like you'd never, ever win?)

My website designer (AKA my husband) keeps promising he'll create comments on these blog posts sometime soon so that it isn't just me talking to myself. (Although, let's be honest, even with comments on here it will still probably just be me talking to myself. Which I'm surprisingly okay with.)
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