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#MOONSTRUCKOver one million "likes"—but only one of them matters.

After pop star Ryan De Luna praises Maisy Harrison's YouTube cover of his classic hit, he offers Maisy and her fledgling band the opportunity of a lifetime: to be his opening act.

Music may be Maisy's life, but she has one ground rule: never date a musician. That goes double for a heartbreaker like Ryan. If only she didn't feel so vulnerable to his larger-than-life charm. And maybe now more than ever, when he asks for her help to shake off his playboy image. How can she resist playing the part of his fake girlfriend for the duration of the tour?

Ryan's never met anyone like Maisy. She sees past all the star-studded fame and treats him like any other guy. And the more time they spend together, the more he finds himself falling for her. Now he'd like to make their imaginary fling an IRL thing. But can he convince her to take a chance and trust him with her heart?

"...sassy banter, hilarious texts, and a breezy style...takes readers on a musical road trip that will leave them smiling..." Library Journal

"...skillfully drawn characters, deliciously snarky sense of humor, and vividly evoked music-business settings add up to a supremely satisfying love story that will be music to romance readers' ears." John Charles, Booklist starred review

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[Image]Have you ever wondered what would happen if you met your favorite celebrity? What if he showed a romantic interest in you? Those questions and a real-life experience with my teenage celebrity crush helped to inspire the idea for my just-released novel #Starstruck. Keep reading for the slightly mortifying story of what happened when I met the oh-so-dreamy Stephen Dorff in person.

The summer after I graduated from high school, I scored some free Disneyland tickets to see my favorite music group perform live. I dragged one of my best friends, Kenyetta, along with me and my family. We, of course, ditched my large family immediately and went to the concert. After the show Kenyetta indicated that she needed to get money from the ATM, so we headed out toward the front gates and got into the line.

There was a shorter guy in front of me, flanked by two taller men. He turned around briefly and my heart stopped. It was actor Stephen Dorff. Being a lifelong fangirl (before being online was a thing), I bought teen magazines by the truckload and cut out pictures of my favorites to hang up. I'd seen Stephen in "The Power of One" and had thought he was so, so cute. His picture literally hung on my bedroom wall. And now that gorgeous, drool-worthy man was standing right in front of me.

I turned and whispered frantically to Kenyetta, "That's Stephen Dorff."

"Who?" she asked me, confused.

He wasn't as well known then (his infamous roles in Aerosmith's "Cryin'" video with Alicia Silverstone and "Everytime" with Britney Spears were still a ways off), but pop culture connoisseur that I was (still am), I knew EXACTLY who he was. I was giddy with excitement.

And I didn't know what to do about it. (Pre-selfie days, remember?)

I apparently wasn't very quiet as I tried to explain all this to my friend. He must have overheard me because he turned around and flashed me a brilliant, movie star-esque smile. "Hey. How's it going?"

Me (squealing inside as my heart pounded and my palms turned sweaty): "You're Stephen Dorff, aren't you?"

He laughed and nodded. "Yeah."

"I need your autograph. Will you sign something for me? No one is going to believe this! Stay right here." I didn't wait for his answer. I had to find a pen, because I didn't have a pen. Somebody HAD to have a pen. Despite the fact that I am a total introvert, I approached multiple strangers asking if they had a pen. I finally found a purple Disney themed one at the fourth family I spoke to, where I promised to bring it back immediately (and may have even promised my firstborn, that's how desperately I needed a writing utensil). Stephen and his friends looked beyond amused as I returned.

[Image]I handed him my Disneyland ticket stub, the only thing I had that he could sign. He autographed it for me and I think he asked us a question, which I couldn't hear because I was FREAKING OUT.

Then, totally unprompted, I proceeded to announce, "I have a picture of you on my bedroom wall!" That made him and his friends laugh, and they elbowed him and teased him about that one.

He handed the ticket stub back to me, and I had to return the pen. When I came back, he was in the middle of using the ATM. One of his buddies also got some cash out and while we waited Stephen said, "My friends and I are going dancing here in the park at 7:00. Would you guys like to meet up with us?"

Now, had I been in my right mind, the obvious answer to such a question from a Movie Star/Poster Guy From Your Wall is "That sounds like fun!" or "Maybe we can work that into our schedule" or "YES, YES, OMG YES."

What did I say?

"We have to meet my mom at 7:00."

Not only that, but my brain did not comprehend what had just happened or how ridiculously uncool I'd just been (I had to meet my mom? Huh?).

"Oh. Okay. Cool. See you around," he said. We said goodbye and I stood there, slack jawed, unable to process. He was so, so pretty. A little short for me, but ridiculously hot.

Kenyetta slid in her bank card. "What is wrong with you?"


"Your actor just asked you out, and you said no."

"He what?" Now, I'm not a dumb person. My only explanation is that I'd never met a celebrity before and was so frazzled by the whole thing I didn't see what was happening right in front of me.

She pointed the direction he had gone. "He asked us to go dancing, like on a date, and you said no."

My brain sputtered at this information. What? He'd asked me out? I said no? When had any of that happened?

It took me a minute to realize the truth of what she said. I grabbed her by the sleeve, desperate to fix my mistake. "Come on."

We tried to catch up to him and his friends, but I never saw him again. We tried to find him that evening at the music venue in Tomorrowland, but he didn't show up.

Which was probably a good thing as I was a very naïve and innocent 17-year-old and Stephen Dorff...was not.

But now, every time that I see him on screen (such as his recent role as Star's father on Fox's "Star") I get a little smile and remember that day and wonder what might have been.

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For those of you who don't know him, he's one of the stars of TV show "Jane the Virgin." I got to chat with him via Skype recently and he spontaneously and kindly offered to make this Instagram Story for me.

Have I mentioned that I heart him?
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The idea for #Starstruck came from a couple different places. First off, I am a lifelong fangirl. Of various shows, actors/actresses and genres. The times in my life when I've been able to meet and/or talk to my favorite celebrities I had to try hard not to hyperventilate.

And as such, I follow some of my favorite people on Twitter, including actor Justin Baldoni, one of the stars of Jane the Virgin. I have been a fan of his character (and the man portraying him) since day one. The main character Jane was caught up in a love triangle between Michael and Rafael, so occasionally I would tweet my #TeamRafael allegiance.

One time, Justin favorited my tweet. And despite my supposed maturity, I actually squealed in excitement. Until I realized I was being stupid, given that it was probably an assistant or publicist. I said as much and he immediately responded, "No, it's me." More squeals and hyperventilating. (This exchange made its way into the book, just switched up a little!)

Second, as a teen fangirl, I remember feeling like if my Hollywood crushes just got to know me, the real me, they would like me. I'm glad I came of age in a pre-social media age; I would have been one of those teens constantly tweeting, messaging and probably cyber stalking my favorites.

Which leads me to the last thing that inspired this book – actor Jake T. Austin. He had a super fan by the name of Danielle Caesar. She tweeted him, a lot, for five years. She was determined to meet him (which I totally get, having felt that way myself in the past). What she had in her favor was her location – she lived in New York and was finally able to meet him in person at a meet and greet in the city. They took a picture together. And whatever happened in those few minutes while they chatted must have been magical.

Because now? They've been very happily dating for over a year. Jake announced their relationship status in an Instagram post (where they're cutely kissing) and the Internet lost its collective mind. In a, "Wait – if she can go from fan to girlfriend, SO CAN I" kind of way (I can only imagine the intensity/deluge of tweets directed at celebrities right after!)

I thought their story was adorable and knew that I had to make my own fictionalized rendering. Mine has the world's biggest movie star falling for a fan over Twitter, long before they meet. I did a lot of research about real life couples who fell in love the same way, and it was amazing to see how reading someone's tweets made their new significant other feel as if they already knew them. Like Date 1 was actually Date 20. People fell hard and fast.

Just like our grandparents (or great-grandparents) would often fall in love via letters, we've kind of come full circle. We tweet, we email, we message, we post. We've gone back to using the written word to court and woo one another.

Which is exactly how Chase and Zoe begin to fall in love with one another in #Starstruck. Be sure to check it out!

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What is an online Facebook party?

In Ye Olden Times authors used to have book signings as a way to launch a new book (back when there was a bookstore on every corner and three inside of a mall). Now it's not really a great way to do things. It's much easier to organize an online "book signing." A Facebook launch is hanging out with the author (and possibly other authors) online.

But what do I do/how do I participate?

The authors (or the hostess) will post some questions or give you a challenge, usually with some kind of prize incentive. Just like you post responses on your friends' Facebook posts - all you have to do here is follow the instructions given in a post.

Where is it?

You just follow the link to the event, and it will take you into a private group where you can interact with the authors and other readers.

I want you to know I was there. How do I do that?

At the top of the event there are buttons that say "Interested" "Going" or "Ignore." Click on the "Going" button (I always give away at least one gift card to people on the "Going" list!

I can't be there during the day/in the evening/in the morning.

Not a big deal. These parties last for one or two days (my current one will be three days long) and you can pop in at any time and say hello and enter the contests.

There's a contest to invite other people. How do I extend invitations?

Next to that "Going" button is a button that says "Share." There's a drop down menu. Select the "Invite Friends" option and you can invite specific friends and family on Facebook that you think might enjoy participating. There are also options to share the event in a private message or post it to your timeline.

It might seem intimidating, but after you hang around for a couple of minutes it becomes pretty easy to understand. I don't always have a lot of time to get online, so these launch parties are a good way for me to interact and chat with readers. Come over and say hi and enter to win some prizes - there are a lot, including a $50 Amazon gift card and a Kindle Fire!
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