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What is an online Facebook party?

In Ye Olden Times authors used to have book signings as a way to launch a new book (back when there was a bookstore on every corner and three inside of a mall). Now it's not really a great way to do things. It's much easier to organize an online "book signing." A Facebook launch is hanging out with the author (and possibly other authors) online.

But what do I do/how do I participate?

The authors (or the hostess) will post some questions or give you a challenge, usually with some kind of prize incentive. Just like you post responses on your friends' Facebook posts - all you have to do here is follow the instructions given in a post.

Where is it?

You just follow the link to the event, and it will take you into a private group where you can interact with the authors and other readers.

I want you to know I was there. How do I do that?

At the top of the event there are buttons that say "Interested" "Going" or "Ignore." Click on the "Going" button (I always give away at least one gift card to people on the "Going" list!

I can't be there during the day/in the evening/in the morning.

Not a big deal. These parties last for one or two days (my current one will be three days long) and you can pop in at any time and say hello and enter the contests.

There's a contest to invite other people. How do I extend invitations?

Next to that "Going" button is a button that says "Share." There's a drop down menu. Select the "Invite Friends" option and you can invite specific friends and family on Facebook that you think might enjoy participating. There are also options to share the event in a private message or post it to your timeline.

It might seem intimidating, but after you hang around for a couple of minutes it becomes pretty easy to understand. I don't always have a lot of time to get online, so these launch parties are a good way for me to interact and chat with readers. Come over and say hi and enter to win some prizes - there are a lot, including a $50 Amazon gift card and a Kindle Fire!
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